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EMETv4 – Part 2

[begin of phase 2] Take a look at the [phase 1] I continue my tests about EMETv4. This time I’ve installed EMETv4 on the same machine HP-CLI01 and HP-SRV01 (note that framework 4 is required ). The only configuration I set is the “recommended” one. Test4 Target: Windows Server 2003 SP2 eng; Host Name: HP-SRV01;… (read more)

EMETv4 – Part 1

The theory Microsoft has relased the full edition of the free software EMETv4 “Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit”. The Company puts together some tecnologies such ASLR and DEP to mitigate the risk of system hacking; first of all the “Zero day” attacks. This, thanks to DEP and ASLR, will not only patch Microsoft software, but all… (read more)

SAM dump and Windows password decrypt.

The Windows passwords are stored and crypted in the SAM file (c:\windows\system32\config\). In the same folder you can find the key to decrypt it: the file SYSTEM. This two files are locked by the kernel when the operating system is up, so to backup it and decrypt you have to use some bootable linux distro,… (read more)

From a non interactive shell to an interactive one

As you can read at the end of this post a remote shell using command execution (-e cmd.exe or /bin/bash) isn’t a full interactive command prompt. These are solutions I found to have a more stable shell. Note that I don’t talk about a web remote shell as c99, c100, weevely or other php/asp code… (read more)

Some tricks using Netcat

If you are here, I suppose you know that Netcat (NC) is an utility which reads and writes data across network connections, using TCP or UDP transport. Nothing more, nothing less. Let’s see some exemples of use. First of all let’s read the help output: C:\>nc.exe -h [v1.11 NT] connect to somewhere:   nc… (read more)