How important is security in your technology environment?
Have you ever stopped to think about all the data passing through your network? Is everything legitimate traffic?
Are your systems updated and patched? How strong is your Company policy? When was your last virus detection?
What about your last employed fired? How deep he knows your infrastructure and what are his final operations?


Even a small environment has the right to be secure!
Take advantage of our vulnerability assessment to verify what’s going on in your network and improve your IT security!
Try to test your external service, performing a penetration session and locating your systems breaches!
Don’t lose nothing of what happen in your company and roll back the mess!

The GoSecure! is a security company with more then 10 years of experience in Information Technology. OSCP, OSCE, C|EH and C|NDA certificated, it performs risk management, vulnerability assessment, penetration test, log analysis, computer forensics, security training and all about InfoSec.

If you say “I’m not a target” you are the target.

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